Barbara Lidsky
Specialties Include
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Creative Blocks
  • Mind and Body Wholeness
  • Depression
  • Relationship Issues
  • Career Counseling
  • Self Esteem Issues
  • Adoption Issues
Barbara Lidsky, LCSW, BCD
52 W 12th St,
New York, New York 10011
Barbara Lidsky
I am Barbara Lidsky, LCSW, BCD, licensed counselor and psychotherapist in Greenwich Village section of Manhattan, New York City. Welcome to my website. Deciding to enter psychotherapy is a major step toward self discovery and growth. The next decision is which psychotherapist to see. The first phone call to a new therapist is never easy. No matter what the problem or painful situation is I can help you realize your goals and develop your sense of well-being. I provide a psychotherapy approach specifically designed for your individual needs.

For many years now I have found counseling and psychotherapy to be a powerful tool for positive change to occur. I work with individuals, adolescents and adults, couples and families.

At this very moment in time, today, you might be looking at my website because you are unhappy with the direction life is taking. This is a very courageous step. There may be serious problems with your relationship(s) or lack thereof. Perhaps you are struggling with depression, anxiety disorders, or other issues that are keeping you from living a fully and happy life. On the other hand, everything could be in order in your life but you are unhappy and cannot understand what is missing.

The heart of psychotherapy is a journey to self discovery, exploration and growth. It is important to find a psychotherapist that you feel comfortable with and one who provides a safe and supportive atmosphere. I am both psychoanalytically trained as well as having extensive experience with mind- body and stress reduction techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as other treatment modalities. I believe that the relationship we create provides the foundation for healing.

My specialties include anxiety disorders, adoption issues, creative and artistic blocks, mind and body wholeness, stress reduction, and self esteem issues to name just a few. For more information please visit the Specialties Page in this website. If you are interested in scheduling an initial session, please contact me. I also offer a free consultation either in person or on the phone.